Our approach honours the legacy of John Byrne

John recognised the spirit and promise of refugees settling in the western suburbs. We believe there are three good reasons for us to continue John’s work:

Emerging communities need young leaders, and education gives them a voice

Many refugees arrive from countries where government and civil society have completely broken down, and need young leaders with skills and confidence as they start building a supportive community in Australia. Our scholarships help young people resist the financial pressures – to pay for books and equipment, and to work to support their families – that can draw them away from school and further education.

Migration turns families inside out, making support at school especially important

Even when families are not separated, the refugee experience jumbles family roles and responsibilities, leading to conflict and disruption. Secondary school can provide stability and support for students from refugee families, and the JBM scholarships help promising young people to achieve their full potential despite everything else that is happening in their lives.

A small investment makes a huge difference

Currently, the grant of two scholarships totalling $2,500 per year has been made to promising students studying in the western suburbs. This covers costs like books, uniforms and equipment – without which students could not participate (equally or at all) in their studies. In addition, funds have been allocated to assist disadvantaged students with educational related expenses, such as the purchase of public transport tickets. The travel tickets have been important to those students who otherwise would not have been able to attend school.

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