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The JBM provides scholarships to support newly-arrived refugee and asylum seeker young people in the Western suburbs to succeed in their secondary and tertiary studies. Currently, the scholarships are provided to students from Maribyrnong College and Victoria University as both institutions are former places of John’s employment and are based in the Western suburbs.

The JBM has also agreed to allocate funds each year to assist disadvantaged students with educational related expenses, such as the purchase of public transport tickets.  This need was identified by a couple of youth committees in the Western region.  The JBM has organised for the Western English Language School to administer the fund that are accessed by youth and relevant support workers.

The John Byrne scholarship at Victoria University

For more information about the JBM scholarship or contributing to this program in any way, please contact us or email Ms. Annette Byrne-Phillips at annpet@iprimus.com.au

Scholarships can go a long way

Our approach honours the legacy of John Byrne, who recognised the spirit and promise of refugees settling in the western suburbs.

Scholarship recipients

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